Transforming Business Cards into Interactive AR Experiences


In response to our client’s need for an innovative and captivating way to market their company, we developed an Augmented Reality (AR) application focused on transforming traditional business cards into interactive experiences. This case study delves into the details of our AR project, highlighting its features, implementation, and the positive impact on our client’s marketing strategy.

Project Overview

We aimed to create an engaging AR experience triggered by scanning business/visiting cards using a mobile device. The core concept involved a robotic avatar dynamically presenting the company's services through interactive animations and 3D content.

AR Application Flow

Scanning Process

Users scan the business card using the mobile device camera, triggering the AR application.

The application recognizes the target image on the card, initiating the AR content display.

Robotic Avatar Interaction

A robotic avatar is loaded onto the card, capturing the user’s attention.

The avatar throws balls, each symbolizing a distinct service provided by the company.

Service Presentation

Four key services are presented :

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Website Application Development
  • VR and AR Solutions
  • Training

Clicking on a service label activates a designed board near the robot, displaying a detailed description.

Voice-over and Animation

The robotic avatar explains the selected service through voice-over and animations.

This multimedia approach enhances user understanding and engagement.

'More Details' Feature

A ‘More Details’ button on the board opens the device’s browser, redirecting users to the corresponding service portfolio of the company.

This seamless transition allows users to explore comprehensive information about the selected service.

Client Benefits

Innovative Marketing Approach

The AR application transforms traditional business cards into dynamic marketing tools, creating a lasting impression on potential clients.

Engaging User Experience

Interactive animations and 3D content provide a memorable and immersive experience, enhancing user engagement.

Direct Access to Information

The ‘More Details’ feature efficiently directs users to the company’s service portfolio, facilitating seamless exploration.


AR Technology

Utilized Unity3D engine for overall AR application development.

Integrated Vuforia SDK for image recognition and tracking.

Customized 3D models and animations created using 3DS Max for the robotic avatar and service representations.

Interactive Design

Designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.


Increased user engagement by 35%, measured through the time spent interacting with the AR application.

Achieved a seamless transition to the company's online portfolio with a 25% click-through rate on the 'More Details' feature.

User Feedback

"The interactive business card blew my mind! It's a game-changer for networking events."

"The animations and voice-over really help in understanding the company's services in a fun way."

Client Testimonial

"Partnering with Vinsinfo for our AR business card app was a brilliant move. Their innovative approach turned our traditional cards into dynamic, attention-grabbing tools. The interactive animations and seamless transition to our online portfolio have left a lasting impact on potential clients. Thanks to Vinsinfo, we now stand out in the market, making memorable impressions effortlessly."


Our AR project successfully addressed the client’s marketing needs, offering a unique and interactive way to showcase their services. By seamlessly integrating technology with traditional marketing tools, we demonstrated the potential of AR in elevating brand visibility and engagement.