Enhancing Customer Convenience with Store Pickup Options: A Comprehensive E-commerce Solution


During the pandemic, delivering products to customers was challenging. The pickup option has become a useful delivery method, allowing customers to order products online and collect them from the store. While most e-commerce platforms offer a pickup option, they often lack features to collect detailed information from the customer. Our solution addresses this issue effectively.


Lack of Native E-commerce Framework Support: Many widely used e-commerce frameworks lack native features to:

Collect Pickup-Related Details: These frameworks often do not have built-in capabilities to gather necessary information from customers regarding their pickup preferences.

Allow Customers to Pick an Available Slot: There is often no option for customers to select a convenient time slot for picking up their orders.


We’ve provided an option for the admin to:

Restrict Pickup Availability

Enable or disable the pickup delivery option for specific products.

Set Store Availability

Select the store’s availability start and end times.

Choose available dates for pickup.

Limit Pickup Slots

Restrict the number of customers who can pick up orders within a given time slot.

Manage Inventory

Administer the inventory for both online and offline purchases.

Customer Capabilities

View whether a product has a pickup option.

Select an available date and time to pick up the products.

Provide pickup person details and identity, which will be used for verification during product pickup.


Offering a pickup delivery option can significantly enhance the shopping experience for customers. This service allows customers to purchase products online and then pick them up at a designated store or location.

Increased Sales

Convenience: Customers who prefer not to wait for shipping can pick up their purchases at their convenience, leading to increased sales.

Impulse Buys: When customers visit the store to pick up their online orders, they are more likely to make additional purchases.

Wider Reach: Attracts customers who might not be able to receive deliveries at their location, such as those with strict work schedules or living in remote areas.