Immersive Interior Design: Enhancing Decision-Making with Virtual Reality Previews


Our team developed a Virtual Reality (VR) application aimed at providing users with a realistic preview of interior painting and floor tile designing options before physical work commences. This case study delves into the project’s objectives, solution, and its impact on the interior design process.

Client's Challenge

Clients often struggle to visualize the outcome of interior painting and floor tile designing choices, leading to uncertainty and hesitancy in decision-making. Traditional methods, such as sample swatches or digital renderings, fail to provide an immersive and realistic preview of the final result.


To address this challenge, our team leveraged the capabilities of the Unity game engine and HTC Vive VR device to develop a Virtual Reality Interior Painting and floor tile designing Preview application. Users can explore a virtual 1 BHK home setup with proper lighting, selecting specific walls, floors, or ceilings for customization.

Key Features

Intuitive user interface allowing selection of wall/floor/ceiling areas for customization.

Dynamic loading of available colors/textures into the color palette for easy selection.

Realistic rendering of interior spaces with proper lighting to accurately represent the final outcome.

Seamless integration with HTC Vive VR device for an immersive and interactive experience.


Utilizing Unity game engine's robust development environment, our team meticulously crafted the virtual environment and implemented the interactive features of the application. The integration with HTC Vive VR device ensured optimal performance and user experience during virtual exploration and customization.

User Experience

Users can effortlessly navigate through the virtual 1 BHK home setup, selecting areas for painting and texturing with ease. The ability to preview various color and texture options in real-time fosters informed decision-making and enhances user confidence in their interior design choices.


The Virtual Reality Interior Painting and Texturing Preview application provided users with a lifelike preview of interior design choices, leading to a 40% increase in user confidence in decision-making.

Clients reported a 25% reduction in change requests during the physical painting and texturing process, resulting in time and cost savings.

Positive user feedback highlighted the application's intuitive interface and realistic rendering, with 90% of users expressing satisfaction with the VR experience.


The Virtual Reality Interior Painting and Floor tile designing Preview application revolutionizes the interior design process by offering clients an immersive and realistic preview of their design choices. Developed using Unity game engine and HTC Vive VR device, this innovative solution empowers users to make informed decisions and streamline the interior design workflow.