Empowering Development Lifecycle with Feature Branching Strategy and Automated Deployment


In the fast-paced world of Ecommerce, efficient backend application management is crucial for delivering daily services and maintaining different environments seamlessly. Our client, a leading Ecommerce business utilizing JS FRAMEWORK based theme for their frontend applications, faced challenges in handling their daily deliveries across various development stages – from DEV and STAGING to PRODUCTION. Lacking a robust strategy for code deployment, they grappled with confusion between environments, frequent manual code transfers, and the absence of a structured approach to code merging.

The Challenges

The key challenges our client encountered included:

Lack of Deployment Strategy

The absence of a well-defined deployment strategy led to confusion and inefficiencies in code migration across DEV, STAGING, and PRODUCTION environments.

Code Merging Complexity

Managing code across different branches proved challenging, causing difficulties in tracking changes and merging updates.

Repetitive Issues

Manual code transfers led to repetitive issues, including overwriting of code and hindered visibility into the code flow between environments.

Our Solution

We introduced a comprehensive solution tailored to our client’s specific needs, focusing on enhancing their development lifecycle.

Feature Branching Strategy

Implementing a feature branching strategy allowed for a systematic movement of code from DEV to STAGING and ultimately to PRODUCTION. This approach facilitated controlled code merging with approval processes, ensuring a structured and error-free deployment.

Hotfix Strategies

To address urgent issues, we provided strategies for hotfixes, allowing our client to quickly resolve critical issues without disrupting their regular development flow.

Automated Deployment with AWS Code Deploy

We integrated an automated deployment tool, AWS Code Deploy, streamlining the deployment process. Automated deployments not only increased efficiency but also reduced the risk of human errors associated with manual transfers.

Services involved



AWS Code Deploy

The Results

The implementation of our tailored solution yielded significant benefits for our client:

Enhanced Visibility

Feature branching provided developers with enhanced visibility into the code flow across different environments, eliminating confusion and ensuring a clear understanding of the development lifecycle.

Efficient Code Management

The new approach streamlined code merging and deployment, reducing the complexities associated with manual transfers and ensuring a more controlled and error-free process.

Mitigation of Repetitive Issues

By automating the deployment process, repetitive issues such as code overwriting were minimized, leading to a more stable and reliable development environment.


Our client’s journey from confusion and manual code management to a streamlined, automated, and strategically governed development lifecycle exemplifies the transformative power of tailored solutions. If your Ecommerce business is grappling with similar challenges, contact us today to explore how we can optimize your backend operations, empower your developers, and ensure a smooth transition between development stages. Embrace efficiency and precision in your code deployment with our proven strategies.