Ecommerce CASE STUDY – Clearance / Graded product Sales


A Clearance product / graded product(Openbox/scratched/discontinued model) sale serves as a marketing tactic and essential for all businesses. It involves selling old products or merchandise that haven’t sold well at significant discounts and enticing offers. Such sales typically pave the way for a fresh start, allowing businesses to procure a new range of products better suited to their needs and those of their customers.


We lack a native feature within our widely used E-commerce frameworks to support clearance product sales, leading to numerous challenges in handling same SKU and separate inventory. In real-time scenarios, customers may potentially purchase both brand-new and clearance products within the same cart, posing a complex situation where we need to ensure that promotions apply only to brand-new products while excluding clearance items.


We've introduced an incredible new feature that enables customers to view both brand-new and different-grade products on the same page. This allows customers to choose between purchasing a brand-new product or opting for an older product at a more affordable price.​

We provided the system to handle Clearance information, Price, and separate inventory for the product. Using the system the seller can be able to easily provide their clearance product details and handle inventory for it.

We've implemented custom frontend logic to distinguish between main products and graded products in the cart. This differentiation enables us to selectively apply promotion logic based on the line item, ensuring that promotions are not applied to all products, including graded ones.

Also implemented functionality to differentiate the brand new and Clearance products from Cart, Checkout till Order confirmation page.


Upon implementing the Clearance feature on the website, we observed a significant increase in sales. Additionally, the client began successfully clearing out inventory of products that had remained unsold for the past years.